What to expect from your Airstrology session

My darling, you are unique and so any Airstrology session will be crafted to you, but some things do stay the same.

We'll sit down on the floor on fluffy blankets and cushions under mood lighting (chairs are available if you prefer; and the service is adapted for online clients). We'll talk through your astrology; play some tunes selected for you as an individual so you can have an instant taste of the healing effects. We might laugh, we might cry, or we might not. We'll dance if you'd like to - but all the way through we're bringing both healing and deeper understanding through for you, with space made to talk about or do anything else you'd like to.

You should leave the session with greater insight but also with the tools to assist you in the form of your Airstrology Custom Mix - a list of artists specially selected for your own personal astrology and circumstance; meaning any time you need to receive your chosen effects, all you need to do is connect to your favourite streaming service - and those tools are music, some of the most profound magic out there.  And I'll be on hand both before and after your session should you require any additional assistance or support.

Accessibility information for in-person sessions:

Accessibility is taken very seriously at SILK, and no request is too much for us, please just mention it at the time of booking or in advance of your session.

Step-free access is available on request, with a ramp and double doors providing wheelchair access.

Chairs are available if you are unable to or would prefer not to sit on the floor.

While essential oils are usually diffused during Airstrology sessions, if you'd prefer a scent-free environment then we're happy to supply that.

Stim toys are always available for those who require them.

Reception is a quiet space and all clients for all services at SILK are asked to respect that, as other treatments will be taking place at the time of your arrival.

If you have any questions for me, please do get in touch.