"I got so much out of Airstrology. It came at a time when I was considering different avenues in my work and personal life and weighing up different ways forward. I liked the idea of leaning into a deeper meaning with the universe through music and had experienced synchronicity around favourite musicians in the past.

Working with Zelda helped me understand where this came from and helped me understand why I was drawn to the artists I was. Many of the things she told me reflected my gut feelings, like why it was I would listen to Freddie Mercury when I leaning into authenticity, why I was so drawn to Johnny Cash during times of quiet and difficulty, why Simon and Garfunkel were lazy Sunday music for me. Beyond this she was also able to pinpoint mother musicians - some I had heard of and some I hadn’t - and tell me how to use their music in my life. I found the written notes which followed really useful and allowed me to check back in on things and use the service at different points.

All the way through Zelda was friendly, inclusive and her sense of humour and willingness to talk about difficult experiences was really appreciated." - Ana

Reviews of Airstrology

"Airstrology came to me at a time when I needed all odds in my favor, and working with astrology has always been something that improved conditions for me. Zelda’s Airstrology method unlocked a healing power within me.

I have found a new layer of solace in music and sound and learned such deep insights into how much my life was influenced by musicians that always used to be my refuge. Zelda makes this strikingly clear and conscious, which I never had the tools to do myself, despite being quite knowledgeable in astrology. You’ll definitely want to book a few Airstrology sessions once you get a taste of Zelda’s reading." - Adi

"Do you want to feel empowered, resilient, self-loved and more self-aware?

Why do I recommend Zelda and Airstrology?

Zelda is the real deal. I can honestly say that she is one of the most genuine, supportive readers there are. She meets you where you're at and provides you with the most helpful sense of reassurance and ways through a situation, with no blame or judgement. If you're new to Airstrology, or personal readings, or have had a few dozen from others- you NEED to have a reading from Zelda, it is absolutely life changing! And let me know the difference you feel after your reading!!

How did Airstrology help me?

I had no idea how mind blowing this was or could be!! I listen to music and had a certain sense of vibes it gave me but didn't understand how connected we are to artists and songs!! I now play certain artists to become more motivated and get me out of a slump. it really brings me more into myself and more in tune and aligned with who I am an what i need to feel at that moment. Jewel has my same moon sign and I never knew but her words are so healing to me during emotionally hard times with family and friends. See, Zelda pinpoints the EXACT issue that is being struggled with and can help you MOVE through that issue more calmly, with more clarity and in a tangible, healing way. It opened new ways for me to see my situation and is a wonderful, fun healing process. I love knowing how connected i am in certain ways to these artists and some new ones now that I've discovered and now I have these tools to help me forever! I understand more deeply now that we're all souls on this earth. have you ever connected to an artist or their song in a way that you feel that they are speaking directly to your soul? it's because it is speaking to your soul, we are connected with artists too, just like our friends or family members that we're close with. it's totally amazing!

It gave me tools that I can use every day to shift my situations. It literally helped me from the second after the reading and provides continuous support.

If you want a way to heal that is highly personalized that helps you to know more about yourself and helps to overcome pain and suffering, I highly recommend trying Airstrology with Zelda, for yourself. Truly amazing and instantly transformative." - Christine

"Zelda approached my chart reading with compassion, skill and integrity. The exploration of my question brought up a lot around trauma & wounding, and she held that carefully whilst never sweeping any of the more difficult nuance under the rug. I felt seen and supported in the difficulties I was experiencing, and her observations have only become more prescient over time!" - Liza

"I had a session and I was blown away by how powerful, unique, and amazing the session was. Zelda is not only super smart and intuitive, she is a gifted astrologer and was able to pinpoint the exact areas of my chart that needed attention and ways to boost the energy I need to get through the winter along with approaching challenges. She’s also such a kind, comforting presence. I highly recommend it if you are on the fence!" - Leah