About Me

An image of Zelda Violet Star, Mistress of Ceremonies and the creator of Airstrology
An image of Zelda Violet Star, Mistress of Ceremonies and the creator of Airstrology

Hi, I'm Zelda Violet Star (pronouns: she/her); and I'm your Mistress of Ceremonies and the vessel for Airstrology.

I'm a professional astrologer and tarot reader of several years experience; but Airstrology is a brand new service.

Too often I have been left frustrated by being able to analyse client's situations and offer useful guidance; but not being able to be able to give them something to help more directly, even if only to ease their pain so they can be more present with themselves. If you've ever been frustrated by a visit to a doctor where you're given advice but no real relief then you might understand this. The concept was given to me during the most challenging astrology I've ever faced, a transit of Pluto conjunct my natal Sun. The system I have developed carried me through and out the other side of some very gruelling times and helped me to find myself and open my heart again, and I'm delighted to be able to share it with you.

I am queer, neurodivergent and disabled; and so just as I would look to from others, I've aimed to make Airstrology as accessible as possible.  When it comes to managing my own capacity, I often simply don't have the time and energy to engage in healing practices that require a lot of attention or routine, valuable though those can undoubtedly be. Life can be demanding and overwhelming, though slowness is divine and a beautiful form of resistance.

With Airstrology, once we've had our consultation, all that is required of you is to hit a button on your phone and you can start to receive the effects. It takes very little effort and you can do it whilst going about your day as usual - something that's simply there when you need it; though you can also approach things more immersively.

Airstrology is offered in devotion to Hathor, Upper Egyptian Goddess of Love, Music, Dance, Beauty and Joy; Queen of the Northern Skies; Lady of the Vulva; Protector of women, children, the vulnerable and oppressed - who inspires all of my work; and is humbly dedicated to my dearly departed friends Nila and Yasmin, and to all those queer and trans people who this world didn't create enough room for.

Dua Hathor! Love to all those who society has met with hostility simply for being who they are! You are welcome here!