Life can be overwhelming. Difficult. Distressing. They set it up so we fight against each other and so it becomes hard to even glimpse the potential of feeling differently and living differently.

Maybe you already worked really hard on your healing. Maybe you've been in therapy or other modalities for years. Maybe it's helping and maybe it's not and maybe it's simply not enough or you're not in the right place to benefit from it - whatever your experiences, they are yours and should be honoured.

Airstrology is there to take the load off of you. To give you space, to help you to find the parts of yourself that you've lost touch with through all those running things put us through and all the false promises made to us. We're here to connect you back to yourself. That'll help you in therapy, too.

Below the surface, below the parts of you that you're conscious of, there's so much more. The dreams and desires of your heart. Airstrology can help you to find those, to find yourself, and is there to help you to love yourself enough to give yourself permission to reach for them, in line with exactly who you are and any restrictions and oppression that may have hurt you and your relationship to yourself.

It is time to return to yourself, my love; so you can be fully present with your own life and those of others - no matter how scary that might feel from here - we're here to guide you through when you need us and we'll never do anything you haven't fully consented to.

Would you like to dance?

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