Sound is healing. Music is healing. But until now it has not been possible to direct those effects on an individual basis with predictable outcomes. With Airstrology, it is.

When you book Airstrology, everything starts with your astrological charts. Whatever it is that is causing you difficulty, or whatever it is that you're looking for help with harnessing or pursuing - we can find it in your astrological charts; which map not just your being, but your whole life.

Airstrology is a system of what's known as astrological remediation. Astrological remediation is a way of actively intervening to work with your astrology for your benefit; both in terms of relieving any tensions or difficulties, and in terms of supporting any aspect of your being. In the process, we can ensure that you're connecting to all parts of yourself, and able to integrate them and access them at will. And when we use music as the means of doing so, it becomes almost effortless on your part.

This all works because we are connected to all other people, and indeed all other things in this world. Just as interacting with another individual in your normal life will affect you in particular ways (we call this synastry - the interaction of your astrology with that of another person); so it is when we interact with the music they create, whether as composer or performer - their own unique energy is embedded in their work. When we read this astrologically, we can predict how their music will affect you.

When you book Airstrology; we zero in on those artists who are able to affect you in the ways you're desiring - and for each artist we give you, we supply you with a full breakdown of what to expect - giving you a toolkit to approach your situation from a variety of angles. Within your session, we talk through what's happening in your own astrology, and we play some of those artists to give you an immediate taste of this. From your end, it could not be easier as all the hard work is done for you. Sounding good? Click below to book your Airstrology session, and you'll be feeling yourself before you know it.

What is Airstrology?