Discover your own personal Airstrology

Musicians and composers professionally selected for your unique astrology

a vaporwave image of astrology and music including an air glyph, planets and a sound wave
a vaporwave image of astrology and music including an air glyph, planets and a sound wave
First of all

Been that bitch; still that bitch; will forever be that bitch

Airstrology starts with your natal chart - your own unique astrological blueprint that is the basis of who you are and the kinds of experiences you have throughout life.

We look at your natural strengths and any tensions or challenging influences (short or long term); and what will help you to ease those tensions and to better harness those strengths - and then we use specially selected music to activate those energies within you.

Whatever you're dealing with or want assistance with - I can find it in your astrology and find the musicians who can most help you.

What's love got to do with it?

Astrological synastry is usually used to look at compatability in love and sex relationships. But we have synastry with everyone we meet. Your family, your friends, your therapist, the person who sells you gas... And what's more, when you interact with a piece of art, you interact with the astrology of both that piece, and its creator.

Airstrology looks at your synastry with musicians and composers - how their core energy interacts with yours - and through that process, we can target specific effects for their work to have on you.

Face the music

Airstrology is something you're probably at least partially doing without realising it. As part of your Airstrology booking - I'll look at a few artists you've already been helped by or drawn inspiration from, highlighting your synastry with them to demonstrate how this all fits together. What I do is refine that process, finding the best possible fits from any genre, time period or part of the world. Be prepared to be surprised.

First of all

Doctor, doctor gimme the news

Music is known to have healing properties. It releases endorphins, can alter neurotransmitter levels, can help with processing different emotions. It's used in medical settings to reduce pre-surgery anxiety, to help people with dementia to connect more easily with their memories, it's even used in therapeutic approaches to Parkinson's disease. What Airstrology seeks to do is pinpoint the music that's going to help most in each circumstance (please note, this is not a medical service and should not be treated as an alternative to qualified medical advice. I cannot offer help with any physiological issue).

The beat is yours forever

We might be looking mostly at what's affecting you in the moment; but so long as you're you, your natal chart applies to you. The artists I give to you should be able to help you throughout life - and through future sessions we'll only build that toolkit further.

Focus the healing power of music through Airstrology