An Airstrology session is a detailed look into your astrology; including your natal chart, progressed chart and solar return chart, and current transits to them. From here, we identify what influences are affecting you and how best to approach them.

We also look at artists who have already helped you and analyse your synastry with them so you can see how you already do some of this naturally.

Within a week of your session, you'll receive a detailed write-up of your session, along with your Airstrology prescription - a list of 10-15 artists selected to assist with your unique circumstances, with advice on what effects you may experience. Then you just go to your favourite streaming service whenever you feel in need of Airstrology. It's as easy as pressing a button; and you can do it at any time.

The price of the service reflects around 6 hours' labour together with years of experience that goes into each Airstrology service.

If you don't know your exact birth time, I can offer a chart rectification to calculate this for you - please select this as an add-on service when making your booking. While Airstrology can be performed without a birth time; this will mean we are slightly less focused. A full written natal chart reading is also available as an add-on. Other astrology services (love synastry, astrocartography etc) are by request only - please email me to enquire.

How Airstrology Works

Please note, lower-priced follow-up bookings are only for returning clients who have previously received an Airstrology service. Airstrology is a complementary healing service and should not be used as an alternative to professional medical help when needed. I cannot offer help for any physiological issue.